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Aeropuffing Nail Art Kit - Nail Art Kit
In Stock Aeropuffing Nail Art Kit - Nail Art Kit
Price: 11,435.00р.
Aeropuffing, Black LED 3D Nail Art Spider Gel, 5 g.
Aeropuffing, White LED 3D Nail Art Spider Gel, 5 g.
Aeropuffing, set "Mini" for nail design
In Stock Aeropuffing, set "Mini" for nail design
Price: 2,320.00р.
Aeropuffing Classic Gel Paste Kit
Out Of Stock Aeropuffing Classic Gel Paste Kit
Price: 6,000.00р.
AEROPUFFING, No-Cleanse Matte LED Top Coat, 8 ml
AEROPUFFING, non-tacky glossy top, 8 ml
In Stock AEROPUFFING, non-tacky glossy top, 8 ml
Price: 656.00р.
AEROPUFFING, Cuticle Defender Liquid Tape, 8 ml
Aeropuffing, aeropuffing applicator with two sponges
Aeropuffing, design sponge, 12 pcs.
In Stock Aeropuffing, design sponge, 12 pcs.
Price: 656.00р.
Aeropuffing, design sponge, 6 pcs.
In Stock Aeropuffing, design sponge, 6 pcs.
Price: 436.00р.
Aeropuffing, stenciled metal palette
In Stock Aeropuffing, stenciled metal palette
Price: 436.00р.
Aeropuffing, ST012 LED Gel Paste, White, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, ST011 LED Gel Paste, Black, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, ST010 LED Gel Paste, Green, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, ST009 LED Gel Paste, Turquoise, 7 ml.
BROWN Aeropuffing LED Color Gel Paste , 7 ml./0.23 fl.oz.
Aeropuffing, ST005 LED Gel Paste, Red, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, LED Gel Paste No. 004, Blue, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, ST003 LED Gel Paste, Blue, 7 ml.
Aeropuffing, ST002 LED Gel Paste, Purple, 7 ml.

Aeropuffing. This is the creation of various ornaments or patterns on the nails using a special pouf and stencils. Gel-pastes are used as a material, which in our catalog are represented by a wide palette.

The use of a pouf allows you to implement in nail art that direction that was previously considered impossible - a smooth transition of shades. Therefore, the newly appeared Aeropuffing immediately became extremely popular. Both craftsmen and clients immediately appreciated its advantages:

- economical consumption of gel-paste;
-the ability to perform drawings of any complexity;
-Application on any surfaces - from natural nails to gel polish and acrylic.

At the same time, the quality of the drawing, as in airbrushing, depends only on the artistic talent of the performer and his experience with the pouf. In our store you can buy Aeropuffing kits and consumables (stencils, poufs, gel-pastes). This creates a wider scope for creativity and makes it possible to replenish stocks of the most popular shades at no extra cost.

Using aeropaffing, you can create:

- an elegant and flawless jacket of any kind;
-3D nail design;
- picturesque landscapes of unique realism;
-miniature images;
-texture surfaces;
-natural transitions of shades.

That is, with the help of Aeropuffing, you can do everything that was previously done with acrylic paint and an airbrush, but faster, easier and cheaper. The uniqueness of the material for this technique, on the one hand, provides safer conditions for use (there is no risk of breathing in the sprayed paint), and on the other hand, it does not harden so quickly, which makes it possible to refine each element to an ideal state. And there are immeasurably less consumables than when working with an airbrush - washing a pouf cannot be compared to washing a high-tech installation from paint. In addition, the cost of repair and maintenance of equipment is completely excluded. And for the user, the opportunity to get a spectacular nail design in a shorter time and money, quite naturally, looks more attractive. So if you are already working in the Aeropuffing technique or are just planning to master it, you can purchase everything you need for this art from us. The high quality of materials and affordable prices from us as official representatives will allow you to fully realize your talent.