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Super Base / Super Easy Off Base Gel, 11 ml.

SUPER Base - the basis for the Ingarden gel polish system - provides quick and easy gel polish removal in just 5 minutes !!! Possesses excellent adhesion (adhesion to natural nails), protects nails from absorbing the color pigment of the main color of the gel polish.

The base evens out the nail plate, the gel polish lays down evenly and lasts as long as with the most popular Ingarden bio top / base coat So Naturally! The soft, gentle formula of Super Base does not injure the nail plate and will help to maintain the health of your nails!

Method of application: use as a base coat for the Ingarden gel-varnish system: apply a thin layer on the nail plate (pre-treated with a buff / file and degreased with Ingarden degreaser) dry in a UV lamp for 1 min. (in LED lamp 30 sec.), then apply color gel polish in accordance with the instructions.

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